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What our job seekers are saying....

"I found my current job through this site and now using it again to climb the ladder and utilize my new degree."

Gregory M.

Columbia, SC
"I got job through Ihireengineering portal. Thanks for yo"

Manu O.

Farmington, MI
"it was very helpful"

Derek H.

Oklahoma City, OK
"This job site provided many good leads."

Suhas .

Groton, MA
"I found a great position with an environmental firm through that I never would have found without this site. Thanks guys, I could not have done it without you!...... Did I mention that the new job pays better then my old one?"

Justin R.

Starkville, MS
"This site really helps. I graduated and had been using different job search sites, but even three months I never received a single call for an interview. This is because my resume was never circulated to the desks of the right people. With iHireEngineering, I submitted my profile on a Friday, and by Monday afternoon three employers called me to come down for an interview........"

Yasir S.

Reseda, CA
"(iHire Engineers) let me know who was offering positions in my area. It kept me from logging in to a site each time to look at opportunities. Good service."


Knoxville, TN
"iHire provided lots of leads for me to follow up on and helped lead me to a great new position."

Mike T.

Erie, CO
"It was a great source of potential jobs, thank you!"

Mauricio U.

El Paso, TX
"iHire provide me not only with inspiration, but with valuable resources to keep my search on track. Thank you !"

David B.

Methuen, MA
"I am deeply pleased with the site, and I strongly believe............I will be working as an engineer."

Humphrey O.

"This is "the" best job search site I have ever come across. Hats off to you iHire."

Shashi M.

Amherst, NY
"I found another job with the current DuPont employer."


Chesterfield, VA
"ihire helped me better understand the needs of the market, honed my skills, modified my Resume and help me find a great position with a company that has a great future."

John A. Anderson

Penn Yan, NY
"Job consultant saw my portfolio online and helped me getting a job at TWD & Associates. I believe that networking and job consulting are very important for people with talents to earn better chances to get hired. IHireengineering was still being helpful for people who get ideas where they want to work. "

Jared Y.

Washington, DC
"Great resource to locate and apply for jobs."

Thomas E.

Seaford, VA
"After speaking to a few career preparation personnel I was under the impression that my resume was great - not until I came across iScore and was proven wrong. iScore did not only highlight subtle mistakes on my resume, it also provided suggestions on how to fix them. Now my phone rings off the hook. I highly recommend subscribing to this service if you are serious in the job market. "

Bertram O.

Grand Prairie, TX
"Good list of engineering positions."

Brennan Y.

Yorba Linda, CA
"Within 2 hours of trying iHireEngineering I had gotten a response back from a staffing firm who, in turn, got me interviews with the company I now work for. Thanks iHireEngineering!"


Minneapolis, MN
"iHireEngineeriing was instrumental in directing my skills and attributes to the right employers within my area"

Floyd C.

Chino Hills, CA
"Ahhhhhhhhhh! I am over the moon! I accepted an offer this week! Here's a snap from Interview Day! Now that everything is set in place for me to start my new job Monday, I would love to proudly announce that I am officially employed as Mechanical Design Engineer at Ice-O-Matic. The company is great and have fully transformed their buildings to be energy efficient, are so involved with the community, and I will be assisting with their new products and innovating current products. I can't wait to see how much I learn, grow with the company, and how this will build me and advance my career. Never stop trying at what you are dreaming for. Never forget why you started. Carpe Diem!"

Kassi S.

Bloomington, IN
"IHireEngineering Helped By providing me with many job opportunities. It was one of my main sources of job opportunities. "

Brian K.

Virginia Beach, VA
"THANK YOU, is a great tool for searching for jobs"

Bellevue, WA
"I was amazed with the positive inputs I received after posting my updated resume on iHire website for evaluating the contents of my skills, experience and educational background. I do appreciate very much for the evaluation to know how positively my resume will affect when reviewed by all organizations for hire......"

Allen A. - Aerospace Engineer

Laguna Hills, CA
"I hire's job alerts were very helpful"

Marlon W.

West Lafayette, IN
"iHireEngineering helped by sharing local job listings."

Menomonee Falls, WI
"I've gotten more solid leads from this service than through Monster or CareerBuilder combined!"

A S.

Yuba City, CA