Lack of Job Responses

We email your job to matching candidates in your area. They have more than likely opened your job to view the details and may have decided that the position doesn’t match their background. When this happens it counts as a “view.” They may also have decided to apply at a later date.

On the other hand, there may be a problem with the posting itself which can be corrected at the website by logging in and checking the posting status. To review and edit your posting, click on “Manage Jobs” then click "Manage" then “Edit.” 

Things to look for:

  • Email Address - make sure the email address associated with the posting is correct.
  • Job Title – make sure the job and position title you marked on the worksheet matches the position you are posting. This is one of the criteria used to send emails to matching candidates.
  • Job Location - your job notification is emailed to qualified candidates within a 50-mile radius of the zip code in the job location. Make sure the zip code is correct. If it is not, call customer service to correct it for you. If you’re in a rural or low populated area, you may want to change the zip to a more densely populated location near you to target a larger audience. Contact Customer Service to assist you with the zip code change.
  • Job Description – an effective job description usually has 5 parts: a brief description of the company, the job responsibilities, the job requirements, any company provided benefits, and if you like, the contact information. The space for the job description is limitless so you can add as much detail as you like, but try not to make it too cumbersome for the reader or too complicated to apply.
  • Additional Tip - too much information can turn the applicant away and too little information may leave the applicant needing more information to make sure they are a match.
  • Is there a link to apply to another website? Check that site for responses coming from iHire.

If you have additional questions, call Customer Success at 877-316-4111, Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm EST. 

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