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Mechanical/Structural and CAD Engineer Qualifications and Job Description
Wind Harvest International
POSTED - May 18, 2021

Short description of company - We make H-type turbines to harvest near-ground wind and reduce global warming.

Wind Harvest is bringing its H-type, vertical axis wind turbines to turbulent near-ground wind resources where other, traditional turbines can't secure permits or won't operate well. In July, the Model 3.1 Wind Harvester, the culmination of many years of cutting edge R&D is entering Technology Readiness Level 7 with testing starting at the UL Advanced Wind Turbine Testing Facility in Texas

This near-ground wind turbine’s largest market will be the ~20% of the world's existing wind farms that have average annual wind speeds exceeding 6.5m/s at 20m above ground level. Its first market is 500kW - 10MW distributed wind projects, usually combined with storage and solar.

The $1.5M raised via its recent Wefunder crowdfunding campaign is funding the development of the turbines and the advancement of projects for installation in 2022. This important milestone sets the company up for international certification and commercialization of its Wind Harvester turbines and a second raise of capital by the end of the year.

Wind Harvest’s ambition is to be the world’s leading developer of technology and projects in the near-ground wind energy space and be responsible for tens of thousands of MWs of new renewable energy projects worth billions of dollars installed and operating before the end of the decade.

Job Description
Wind Harvest is seeking an engineer who can quickly join and support the team in a variety of tasks that will move the Wind Harvester v3.2 turbine through final design, aeroelastic model validation, manufacturing, installation, shakedown testing, and IEC 61400-2 certification. The new engineer will participate in some of that work and be at the test facility this summer where they will meet and work directly with the rest of the team.

The first task requires skill in CAD work, ideally with SolidWorks. The engineer will work directly with the other engineers on the team and produce drawings needed for the finite element analyses (FEAs) and other work. Solid skills in and understanding of engineering principles will allow the new engineer to collaborate to help think through design issues and include solutions in the drawings.

Our ideal candidate would also have experience in conducting FEAs using FEM as part of the iterative design process and would participate with the team in this work.

This engineer will be required to learn to use a suite of aeroelastic models (e.g. frequency response, fatigue, aerodynamic) and help us transition those models into a more sophisticated time sequence, integrated model. Knowing how to code in Fortran and interpret Campbell diagrams is a plus but not required.

Wind Harvest wants to find a candidate with a love of engineering, making and testing things who also has the temperament to be precise, well organized, collaborative, and inquisitive. We also want a candidate who can grow with the job and company and take on more responsibility and management tasks over time.

The position is full time and starts as soon as possible. Depending on experience, salary starts at $80,000 to $110,000 per year with benefits including participation in an ESOP. Location of employment is Davis CA though the person can transition in the job working remotely with the expectation of working long term from our Davis office. The engineer's supervisors will vary based on assignments.

The ideal candidate will have most or all of the qualities, skills and experience listed below. While we don’t require candidates to have any wind turbine experience, candidates should have 3+ years of relevant engineering experience.

Skills, Experience and Knowledge (only* are required)
· BS or higher in Mechanical/Structural engineering*
· 2-3 years of professional experience*
· CAD (e.g. SolidWorks), 3D Modeling and production drawing experience *
· MIDAS or other FEA/FEM programs
· Prototype design and testing
· Aeroelastic modeling
· Strain gauge data and analysis
· Manufacturing Quality Control
· Engineering for manufacturing cost reductions
· Iterative design and engineering of a larger version of a product.
· Assembly and Installation manuals and best-practices

Application Process
1. Fill out this application form
2. Preliminary on-line interview
3. Sign NDA
4. Second interview
5. In-person interview

For more information see, and

Helen Hanson
530 341 3173

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