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How to Ace a One-Way Video Interview

Some hiring managers are no longer interviewing long lists of candidates thanks to the one-way interview. The one-way video interview, also known as a pre-recorded video interview, helps employers narrow down the search quickly, getting closer to the best candidates before the process of a “sit-down” interview.

If you’ve been invited to do a one-way interview, you’re probably wondering what you should expect, and how can you ace it and secure an in-person interview?


What is a One-Way Interview?

A one-way video interview is a recorded video interview that consists of you answering a set of pre-determined questions before the camera. This replaces what used to be the phone interview and is used by employers for many reasons. It saves them time and resources by not having you come in person or juggle schedules to set up a call. They can rewatch the answers multiple times if they missed something the first time, and the hiring manager can even have other people in the office watching to help in the decision-making process.


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How Does a One-Way Interview Work?

You will usually start your pre-recorded video interview by signing in to the company’s site and clicking the link they sent you for the interview. Once you’re logged in, you’ll set up your computer by testing the audio and webcam. You will be given one-way video interview questions to answer while you record yourself. The questions will appear on your screen in written form in many cases, although they could be pre-recorded.

Every company is different, and some may allow you to re-record your answer or give extra time to answer. In most cases, your time will be limited to some degree, so you will need to think fast on your feet, just like you do in a regular interview. Others may expect an answer right away and not allow you to redo the answer. Make sure you know what to expect before you get started for the best results.


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One-Way Interview Tips

You can ace your one-way video interview questions and answers by following these tips:


1. Check Your Background

Make sure you set up the interview space so that your background is appealing. You don’t want any clutter behind or in front of you. Clutter can distract the person watching, and it also may give the impression that you are sloppy, don’t care about the interview, or are not organized. A plain room with neutral colors and a simple desk work fine.


2. Wear the Right Attire

Even though you’re not going to interview in person, you will be seen during your one-way interview. Make sure you dress professionally. Men can wear a dark-colored suit with a conservative tie, and women can wear a dark-colored suit with a coordinating blouse.


3. Prepare Mentally

Before beginning the recorded video interview, take time to prepare yourself mentally. Do some research on the company, so you understand its mission and goals. This can help you answer certain questions better.


4. Answer Concisely

Don’t ramble when you answer the questions. Get straight to the point in your responses so you don’t lose your audience. A concise but thoughtful answer will show the listener that you know the information well.


Now, when you get notified about doing a one-way video interview, you’ll be ready to ace it and push ahead of the competition. For more interview tips, check out our Job Seeker Resource Center.

By iHire | March 30, 2022
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