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Writing a Job Description That Attracts Top Engineering Talent

When you’re hiring an engineer, you’re looking for a person with a highly specialized skill set and an impressive set of credentials. Engineers tend to be in-demand, accomplished individuals who know their value to a company.

So, how do you convince them your company’s the place they should work? It starts with an effective, compelling engineer job description. Read on for our guide to creative job ads for engineers with seven distinct sections.


1. Title

Keep the title short (between one and three words) and to the point, clearly indicating the type of engineer you are seeking to maximize apply rates. For example, are you looking for a Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, or Environmental Engineer? Engineers are practical and no-nonsense, so a gimmicky title won’t work here.


2. Lead-in

Start your engineer job description with a three- or four-line introduction that provides a brief overview of your company, the job opening, and the benefits you offer. Starting off with a question is an engaging tactic that appeals to an engineer’s innovative problem-solving nature. Here’s an engineering job description template you can use to get started:

Looking for a job where you can tackle the industry’s most complex problems with innovative, accessible solutions? As a Software Engineer at Company X, you’ll collaborate with business and technology teams to solve a range of exciting challenges. We offer a friendly, inclusive team culture, competitive benefits, and a salary range of $80K-90K.


3. Job Description

The job description is the most important part of engineering job ads. Describe briefly what the engineer will do in a typical day at your company, followed by a short, bulleted list of specific duties essential to their success. Use active verbs to describe engineers’ activities and opportunities, as well as how they’ll contribute to the organization overall. Engineers want to know what kind of problems they’ll be solving and how much say they’ll have in company decisions. Appeal to their tech-focused mentality by mentioning the tools or software with which they’ll be working.

Working alongside a team of planners and fellow engineers, the Civil Engineer will oversee grading, roadway design, stormwater management, storm drain design, and water and sewer designs. You will be instrumental in the company’s design and creation of infrastructure projects and systems throughout the region.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Plan and design projects through analysis of long-range plans and survey data
  • Submit permit applications to governmental agencies
  • Prepare cost estimates for projects
  • Oversee surveying operations to facilitate construction
  • Collaborate with the rest of the construction and design team on feasibility studies


engineers high-fiving


4. Culture

Engineers tend to look for workplaces that bring a unique culture and value their scientific, mathematical, and technological expertise. Your engineering job ad should explain what sets your company apart. Consider that engineers are career-oriented individuals who may appreciate professional development as well as a healthy work-life balance.

Our employees are our greatest asset — and we believe in investing in them professionally and personally. We encourage them to take advantage of professional development opportunities. We also offer an on-site gym, paid parental leave, and flexible scheduling.


5. Requirements, Skills, and Qualifications

Engineering job ads should clearly state the position’s educational and work experience requirements, including whether any certifications or licenses are necessary. List which tools, systems, or processes they should know within the engineer job description.

  • B.S. in Engineering
  • 5+ years as an Engineer
  • At least 3 years of experience with product development
  • Trained in CAD software and technology
  • Familiar with 3D modeling software


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6. Benefits

It’s important to mention a salary range in engineering job ads, especially if an engineer already has a job. Make sure to provide a bulleted list of other benefits, so engineering candidates can determine if the position has what they’re looking for.

  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) savings plan with employer match
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid vacations and holidays


7. Call to Action

At the end of the engineer job description, provide instructions for engineering candidates to apply. For maximum impact, tie your instructions back to the original lead-in sentence.

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Once you’re done creating the ideal engineer job description, recruit your next top engineering hire with the help of iHireEngineering.

By iHire | June 21, 2021